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Logo mats are a unique way to combine function with form!  When it comes to your brand identity, visibility is key. The floor mat at the entrance of your business is the first thing your client sees - adding logos to your mats lets you combine the cleaning utility you need from matting, while reinforcing your branding with every step.


All of our logo mats are inlaid, not printed! Inlaid mats last longer, look better, and clean more than printed mats. Each logo element in your inlaid mat is computer-cut out of separate pieces of matting material and then inlaid by hand into the mat. After that, they are chemically welded together, and the process is complete!




The Perfect Solution for Property Management Companies, Office Towers, Condominiums, Shopping Malls, Airports, and Retailers.


Excellent experience ordering an outdoor logo mat from Source Floor. Derek was incredibly helpful and very responsive to all of my questions. Our mat was delivered much faster than I expected, and it looks great!

- Josie Cook


The toughest, most durable entrance mat your floor has ever had.

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Source Floor & Specialties were urgent with our requests- The company went out to one of our Residential Building sites the following day, prepared a quote urgently and revised any of the changes we required. Ultimately, they were professional in all aspects of the process. Lastly- the mats look great!!

- Nick Toews


Perfect for wall-to-wall installations, lobby areas, atriums, or entrance vestibules, our Grizzly FX logo mats can be branded and customized according to your exact specifications.


Here's four reasons why your entrance floors need Grizzly FX:

1. Stops the flop.

Our super stiff, super sturdy, heavy duty vinyl edging stops the flop. No more lumpy, wavy, flopped-over-corner trip hazards at your front door with a Grizzly FX mat.

2. Stops the mop.

Grizzly FX mats aren't just beautiful - they're functional, too. Grizzly FX is made from 75% nylon (like a sponge) for amazing absorbency . And Grizzly FX cleans with 25% polypropylene scraper fibres. Grizzly FX works as hard as you do to stop rain, snow, mud, and dirt in its tracks at your front door, not splattered all over your store.

3. Tailor made to order.

Every single Grizzly FX mat is custom made to order when you order it - right here in BC. And there's no upcharge for custom sizes. Our clients come in all different shapes and sizes - shouldn't their mats, too?

4. Lab tested for toughness.

We don't just claim that Grizzly FX is grizzly-tough - we can prove it. Independent third-party laboratory tests show that Grizzly FX matting withstood 20,000 footsteps with zero change in appearance and showed no signs of wear.

The features and benefits of Grizzly FX go even further:

Premium nylon face fibres give Grizzly FX outstanding performance and long service life, reducing your costs by 80% when compared against rental mats.

Grizzly FX uses a random pattern design to help hide collected dirt, improving your entrance's appearance between regular cleanings.

Grizzly FX's looped-pile, tufted construction gives your entrance the luxurious appearance of carpet and the cleaning power of heavy duty matting.

Heavy duty ramped vinyl edging is 500% stiffer than backing-extension edging on rental mats, reducing trip hazards and your liability for slip and fall accidents.

Our custom size program elminates the ugly appearance of piecemeal "too small" rental mats trying to cover up a large space, making your building look much more professional to your tenants and clients.

All Grizzly FX mats are custom-made to size with no custom upcharge, giving you the benefit of a perfectly-tailored mat that makes your building look professional and polished.

Grizzly FX has a heavy-duty vinyl backing that completely prevents water transfer, keeping water contained within the mat and off your floor.

Grizzly FX's polypropylene fibres scrapes debris off shoes before it is tracked into your facility, reducing your cleaning costs throughout the building.

Our heavy duty vinyl ramped edging is chemically-welded to the vinyl backing, creating a 100% sealed "tray" to contain water and keep it from becoming a slip and fall hazard on your floor.

Grizzly FX traps and holds dirt and particulates, reducing airborne dust and dirt and improving indoor air quality in your building.

Grizzly FX mats protect your installed floors (tile, carpet, etc.) from damage due to dirt, sand, and debris being tracked in, extending their service life and reducing your operating costs.

Grizzly FX is the only entrance mat in its class to pass the 20,000 step test (ASTM D6119), giving you proven performance, service longevity, and outstanding value.